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Sharkskin is truly modern material. It is the choice of tri-athletes because it can be worn in the water for warmth and, unlike traditional wetsuit material, can be worn while running or cycling thanks largely to the layered construction.

The comfortable ‘micro fleece’ layer is next to the skin and ‘wicks’ moisture and sweat away from the body to help keep you dry. The second middle ‘technical’ layer is 100% windproof yet breathes to regulate body temperature while stopping windchill and achieves a degree of warmth unequaled by the neoprene of a traditional wetsuit.. The third outer layer is a nylon/Lycra blend for abrasion resistance and 4 way stretch. It is also UV resistant for sun protection and has a durable water repellent finish (DWR) to provide a protective shell that ‘sheds’ water. Sharkskin Chillproof is neutrally buoyant, anti-microbial, odor resistant, itch resistant and machine washable.
Authentic Sharkskin garments come with a 12 month guarantee on workmanship. Excludes fading and degeneration as a result of excessive exposure to chlorine or sunlight. We guarantee Sharkskin will perform as advertised.
Comes in women's or men's sizes..

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