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RAID Open Water 20 Scuba Course

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Limited Special Offer

Book on-line and receive Perth Diving Academy boat diving credits to the value of $430 after you complete your RAID Open Water 20 course.
This will allow you to put your training to good use at a price that appears too good to be true (but it is true! ). 
We will give you this credit to use over a 3 month period at the successful completion of your training.
It can be used on boat dives and hire gear from PDAH's 12m 'Wildcat' from Hilarys.

Open Water Diver Training
This highly sort after and quality diving course is designed to train you, with no diving experience, in the safe use of SCUBA (Air only) diving with no decompression, to a maximum depth of 20 meters. With personalized training and taking enough time, we make sure you are truly comfortable under water with the skills and equipment you will use. 

In general, an Open Water Diver course consists of 3 parts: Academics, Pool Training and Open Water Sessions. This offer is for Parts 2 & 3 and you will need to complete your on-line training prior to doing this course.

Part 1 - Academics

There are many certification agencies that offer internationally recognised diver training. 
We use the On-line training systems of RAID Open Water 20 at Perth Diving Academy.

The Online Training program is designed so that you can learn the academics at your own pace when it is convenient for you. 

You can complete the academics online when you sign up for an Online Training program, and then attend review sessions at one of PDA's Dive Centers.

Purchase the OpenWater20 package on-line, register and pay (USD$65) via  to have your open water courses unlocked on the RAID system.
Make sure you nominate either the Balcatta or Hilarys store as your RAID Training Facility so we can monitor and assist your on-line training .

(Completion of On-line study required prior to practical training sessions.) 

Part 2 - Practical Training - Enclosed Water (Swimming Pool)

Using our indoor pools over 5 separate sessions we will train and assess the required skills prior to venturing out to Open Water.
During these session we will cover basic buoyancy, equalization, use of equipment and many more skills. 

This is the opportunity for you to put your academic training to the test in a safe controlled environment.

Part 3 - Practical Training - Open Water (Shore & Boat Diving)

At Perth Diving Academy we will conduct our open water training over five dives. The first three are shore based and then followed the next day with two dives from our boat. 

The first shore dive is conducted without SCUBA equipment and is designed to get you acclimatized to the dive area and entry and exit points. 

On the first Open Water session we will also practice some of the surface skills including buoyancy, equalization of air spaces and basic snorkel skills to get you prepared for your following open water dives.

Practical training is over 3 days, Fri - Sun or weekend days from the store of your choice. (See the Calendar Tab for dates and locations)

Day 1 is generally Theory assessment and pool training using our in-store pools.

Day 2 completion of Pool training and open water shore dives.

Day 3 Open water dives from our boat at off shore locations.

Training Locations

  • Courses starting at PDA Hillarys usually all 3 prac days are held at PDA Hillarys and Marmion Marine Park aboard Wildcat. Some course do use the Fremantle dive zone and boat so check with the store on 94486343 to confirm details for your course date.
  • Courses listed as Balcatta/Fremantle start at PDA Balcatta on day 1, days 2-3 are at PDA Fremantle and Rottnest from Lionfish IV.


Upon successfully passing the practical training you receive a Diver certification E-card that you can carry on your mobile device.

A hard copy card is available if you prefer a card to carry in your wallet, a production fee may be required for this option.

Required Equipment:

All standard dive equipment, or hire the complete package for the duration of the course.

Equipment package options available for purchase at discounted rates

Prerequisites for the Practical Training:

  • Complete your on-line training course final exams.
  • Complete the Medical Self-Assessment form.
  • To be able to swim comfortably to complete a 200 meter swim without stopping or touching side or bottom. And a 10 minute float keeping your head above the water at all times.
  • To be a minimum of 15 years old (with written guardian consent up to the age of 18 yrs).        
    (12-15 year old courses run by appointment)
  • The above is subject to the General Diving Standards of RAID and change without notice.