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Pelaj Speargun Bags

Perth Diving Academy

  • 9500
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These Pelaj speargun bags have ample volume to carry your spearfishing accessories as well as your speargun.

The gun bag is ideal for travelling as it has reinforced black polyester lining and a protective blue PVC water-resistant outer layer.The heavy padded material will protect you guns,fins and other long items during your travels and the strong top handles and padded shoulder strap will provide more comfortable carrying as well as easy lifting.

Other features that make these gun bags desirable are the address card pocket on the side, as well as a bright yellow warning message printed next to the Pelaj logo, which warns cargo crew to top load the bag and not bend it.

Two sizes available:

  • Large 2080mm Length (<2.5kg)
  • Small 1680mm Length (<2kg)

 Save $20 Postage & Handling by picking up in store the freight and pay less

Enter 'PICKUP'  discount code in the Checkout if you wish to hold a bag for in-store pick up.