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Front Mount Swimming


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Snorkel - Centre Line (front Mount Swimming) Snorkel

The Front Mount Swim Snorkel allows swimmers to focus on stroke technique without the interruption of turning the head to breathe. A silicone purge valve allows water to flow out of the snorkel without entering the mouthpiece. The center-mount design accommodates a full range of motion for butterfly, breaststroke and freestyle. Eliminating the need to breathe allows swimmers to relax in the water, maintain body alignment and improve stroke efficiency.

  • ONE-WAY PURGE VALVE - Allows water to flow out without entering the mouth via the mouthpiece
  • HYDRODYNAMIC TUBE - Curves around head in the front to reduce drag and promote proper swimming position
  • FRONT CENTER-MOUNT DESIGN POSITIONING  - Perfect stability at any speed or style. Allows for relaxation in the water in order to focus on stroke technique
  • ADJUSTABLE HEAD BRACKET - Makes for quick strap adjustment and a universal fit
  • SILICONE MOUTHPIECE - Soft, comfortable and flexible medical-grade silicone. Stays in place for butterfly, breaststroke and freestyle, including flip turns

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