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Apollo Bio Fins Pro XT


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Bio Fin Pro XT: The outstanding feature of the XT Fin is the power. You can use the XT to traverse strong currents or deploy boarding ladders etc. You are able to achieve this due to the 30% stiffer blade, which delivers the extra torque you require. This enables you to do tasks that other fins cannot cope with.

Being a 30% stiffer fin, the Apollo Bio Fin Pro XT has proved exceptional for both short and medium distance water operations.
This design produces the extra power required when an operator is carrying heavier loads, is in and out of inflatable boats (RHIBS) or for very fast shorter distance swims. Lower air consumption and fatigue reduction still apply.

Do you want value for money? Do you want superior performance? Do you want the best? Then there is only one answer buy the Apollo Bio-Fins..

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