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Winter Diving Pass 2017

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  • Save $1,450

The Winter Diver Pass is a bargain pre-pay system that covers all Lionfish IV Day trips for 5 months from 1st June until 31st October.
There are 42 Day trips scheduled in this period. Some will get cancelled by weather some will simply have insufficient numbers to run. If you do 5 of the day trips (1 per month) you will be ahead of the $750 cost based on the current single dive cost of $170/day.
If you normally take advantage of our 5 dive Multi Diver system you would need to do 7 day trips over the 5 months to be ahead.

In previous years we have run between 37-18 day trips.
In 2010 (37 trips) one waterlogged diver managed to get his day rate down to $17.18 per day.
In 2014 (18 Trips) the day rate was double 2010  at $33.33....... a bargain even with the bad weather!

Winter Diving Pass General Details:

The Winter Diving pass does not include equipment (other than the normal 2nd cylinder) and does not apply to the Key Biscayne Trip 20th-23rd October.


  • Certified Divers only, Dives are not transferable to other divers...personal use only.
  • Book no later than 2pm the day prior to your chosen day/dive so that we can confirm numbers for catering.
  • Don't  book any dive and fail to turn up or cancel (and we can’t fill your spot)
    There is a '3 strike' rule on Winter Diver bookings....if you book and don't show 3 times you will forfeit your Winter Pass and there will be NO refunds. (This is to discourage people booking on every charter and then not showing up.)  
  • Charters are dependant on weather conditions and number of booked divers on the charter.
  • Diving pass does not include equipment (other than 2nd cylinder) normal equipment hire rates apply, see website for rates.
  • Excludes Key Biscayne Deep Dive Trip 20th-23rd October.

Save NOW!


At the 1st June 2017, the price for Winter Pass
is $750.00 
There are limited passes remaining


 Just Released....for those who feel the cold!!!!

Winter Pass Bundle $1700

Keep toasty while you dive over Winter in the Cressi Drylastic Drysuit.
We have put together a package deal with a Cressi Drylastic  Drysuit, a 5 month Lionfish IV Winter Pass and a pool training session to get used to your new suit.

The Dry Suit:
Drylastic offers thermal protection and a comfortable fit that feels like a wetsuit. Buoyancy changes are reduced by the use of 4-mm pre-compressed neoprene reducing drag and providing minimal positive buoyancy for the legs. 

Requiring less weight, air and additional thermal layering, with the look, feel and comfort of a wetsuit, Drylastic one of the most advanced drysuits available
  • Adjustable inner suspenders
  • Protective outer zipper covering protecting a YKK 8TZ High Quality Steel Zip, the highest quality, made from marine grade brass and offering great flexibility and working life.
  • Swiveling inlet valve with lateral on-off slider.
  • Adjustable release valve.
  • No more wet dives due to burst seals or water ingress. Extra-flexible "Hi-Stretch" neoprene provides advanced comfort at the neck and wrists.
  • Included Dry suit hood
  • Perfect Fit Boots, a design that offers a perfect fit and comfort regardless of foot size while minimising positive buoyancy in your legs.

The Wet Bits:
As part of this bundle we offer you the opportunity to test your new suit in the company of an experienced instructor in our onsite pool.
Whilst not a certification course, this will allow you find out from an expert the correct techniques and methods to diving in a drysuit. You will be able to work out your correct weighting and practice the use of your new suit in a controlled environment.
If you wish to continue on to a full 'Drysuit Diving' certification this can be easily be arranged at an low price with credit given to you for the time already spent in the pool.

Cressi Drylastic ....................$1775
5 Month Winter Pass.............$ 750
Drysuit Training Session....... $ 150
Bundle Retail Price............... $2675


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