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Frequent Diver Options

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PDA has a few options to keep our regular divers diving at reasonable rates.

We understand that you would like to save a little money by pre-paying for bulk day trips so we have a few options for our divers.

Our Pre-paid MultiDivers are purchased in sets of 3 or 5 and can be used on any of our Rottnest Day trips throughout the year. They have a 12 months expiry date but most of our divers have no problem getting through their MultiDivers within around 3 months.
The MultiDiver cost includes the normal day trip with food and drinks as well as your 2nd cylinder for the second dive of the day. If you need hire gear this is purchased on a individual basis as everybody has or can access different levels of equipment. As a general rule the hire gear cost is about 20% off the rack rates. Contact if you would like a quote for your specific equipment needs on a MultiDiver pass.

Pre-paid 3 Day MultiDiver (3 Day Trips, 6 dive) Package   $405.00

Good Option for dedicated divers. 3 days of diving will provide you with 6 dives at $135.00 per day trip.

Pre-paid 5 Day  MultiDiver (5 Day Trips, 10 dive) Package $590.00

Best Option for regular divers 5 days of diving will provide you with 10 dives. $118.00 per day trip. 

Traveling Diver Package (3 Day Trips, 6 Dives) $465.00 

This is a special package designed for visiting divers who are traveling with their own diving equipment except cylinders and weights.
The $465 cost provides 3 days out on LionfishIV (6 dives), cylinders, weight belt. working out to $155 per day.
These dives are for individual use and are not transferrable between divers. A second cylinder for the afternoon dive is included in the price as well as lunch,  morning and afternoon teas.


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