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Safety Stop Anchor


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The "Safety Stop Anchor" is designed for divers to mark their position during safety decompression stops.
The SSA can assist the diver to maintain a stable decompression position in the water.
It also enables the boat crew to be aware of where divers are, and know they are on a decompression stop.
The SSA can also inform passing boats of "divers underwater", so they will avoid the diving area.

During decompression, the diver may drift due to current or tides. The SSA can show the boat a marker that will allow crew to locate the diver easily and notify the other boats to be aware of divers in the area.

Decompression depth may be changed by waves and swell. Hanging below the SSA will assist the diver in maintaining the correct decompression depth . It may allow the diver to be more aware of his environment instead of continuously watching his depth gauge .

Notice to vessels and other divers that there is diving being conducted in the area.

Carrying underwater equipment (such as cameras), by adjusting the buoyancy via the micro valve in the SSA you can use the SSA as a small lift bag to reduce the underwater weight of large camera set-ups.
Inserting a dive torch into the base opening can illuminate the SSA to provide a signal in night .

Safety Stop Anchor Operation

  • Set the "Safety Stop Anchor" in a suitable position on your BC. Using the attached hook or Belt Loop it is possible to fix the deployment bag in a large number of different locations to suit the individual.
  • On ascent to the safety stop depth (5m or 3m), hook the safety stop anchor to BC's chest D-ring or other suitable position . Release the "Safety Stop Anchor" balloon and inflate by using your regulator to fill air into the balloon, it will float to the surface .
  • For decompression stops , you can release air from your BC to allow the negative buoyancy to let you just hang in the water under the balloon to accomplish your stops . The SSA line has two hooks at the lengths of 5m and 3m. This allows the diver to use the 5m hook to stay at 5m for decompression before moving up to the 3m mark if required. Most current Diving Computers will require at least a 3m safety stop on all dives deeper than 9m.
  • When it functions as a drift-diving location marker, you may extend the line yourself by attaching to a reel or other line source.

Care and Maintenance

When re-stowing the SSA back to the pouch after using it, best practice is to reload the line by wrapping it 3 or 4 times around your fingers, then put it back in the pouch. Do this as many times as needed to stow all of the line into the pouch. When needed next time, it will deploy like a parachute, and the line or balloon will be less likely to tangle.The buoy itself should be folded and rolled top to bottom so that it is easy to deploy on next use.

Check your SSA each time before you dive to ensure that it is functioning as it should.

It is advised that, periodically, you wash in fresh water and allow the buoy to dry inside and out. It is easy to peg the buoy on a clothes line  to accomplish this.If left stored in the pouch, wet for long periods, you risk possible rupture along the fold lines.  This is true of all inflatable markers and buoys when stored for long periods of inactivity.



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