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A few dusty finds.....

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I know it is a far stretch of the imagination...but I had to clean out my office of 25+ years in Fremantle a while ago and I came across loads of memorabilia which evoked more than a fair share of emotions and memories. 

In the early 80's from the original store at 281 Wanneroo Road  in what was then Nollamara, I used to write and publish the PDA News that was distributed to the 900 or so PDA Club Members at the time. Going back and revisiting those publications has been extremely enjoyable and although some of the black and white photos are grainy and blurred there is loads of stories told that at the time seemed run of the mill but are more than entertaining now. A lot of the divers mentioned have disappeared but there are still a few names that crop up on occasion that are still functioning and diving today.

The image with this blog is at the 1985 Christmas party on what was a tennis court but is now the current PDA shop and pool in Balcatta....hence a tennis party. 

The dress code was tennis gear so those that had the legs for it wore skirts..

The most apparent observation that I see from these archives is the huge number of trips, tours and other diverse events that took place with our dive club members in a time when there was not as much competition for our time, money and attention. In the early 80's we were running skydiving and hot air ballooning training weekends for our members as well as up to 10 dive trips away from Esperance to Broome in WA as well as the Maldives and more than 3 different locations in Indonesia. And we were filling these events and trips. 

Also apparent is the number of club members and employees that went on to operate their own dive shops in WA and around the country, some still operating whilst others have sadly fallen by the wayside.  

I will try and post some of these old trip reports and scan some of the photos for Facebook, blogs etc.

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