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2017 Mug Hunt

Posted by Balcatta Pda on

The 2017 Mug Hunt scheduled for Sunday 5th November may be the last one of it's kind due to the imminent closure of the PDA Fremantle facility and the sale of Lionfish IV. It is possible for future hunts to be held using the Hillarys facility as coordination point but it is unclear at this time what format the hunt will take.

The 'Hunt' has been running for so long that it has become an institution for WA divers. The first 'Hunt' was run in conjunction with Steve Sturgeon and the team at Malibu Diving in Rockingham in 1983. using tagged washers with lengths of survey tape tied to them to allow them to be spotted in the silty bottom. The 1st Prize was $1000 Cash with few other bits thrown in as additional prizes.
By the 3rd hunt in 1986 along with the $1000 cash, a 2nd prize of a complete Scuba unit valued at $1140 (not much difference on today's price!) and a $500 Seasports BC for 3rd prize. Also included were about 30 other lesser value prizes that made the prize draw a real event.

From 1983 to 2017 means we have run a 'Hunt' every year for 34 years....I hope we can continue the tradition over the next few years.

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