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2016 MugHunt

Posted by Balcatta Pda on

The 2016 Mug Hunt will take place on Sunday 6th November 2016.
Last year generous donations provided us with a great selection of Masks, snorkels and accessories for this event.
We gave away all the donated prizes as well as a 'Golden Ticket' for the first time. 
The Golden Ticket enabled the winner to dive on any of our Rottnest boat trips for 12 months. The winner managed to fit in $1400 worth of dives up to early February before he was sent overseas. He is due back soon so it is likely that he will book up a similar amount before his prize runs out on 5th November. We will be doing the same this year with the addition of a Winter Pass running for the 5 months of our winter season (June to October) 
All of our prizes are diving orientated and aimed at keeping our divers in the water and diving safely.
Tickets are on sale on-line
or through the PDA training facilities.

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