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Black Silicone v's Clear Silicone Masks

Posted by Simon Jones on

Black v's Clear Silicone Masks

You can choose to have a black silicone skirt on the mask or a clear one.

A clear skirt gives you a nice feeling of openness.  If you have a tendency to claustrophobia or are a little nervous about trying out snorkelling or SCUBA avoid the black silicone masks. Most people use clear silicone masks and these are great for casual snorkelling and for SCUBA diving.

The black silicone mask shields your eyes from unwanted light.  It is a bit like sheltering the sun from your eyes when you look out across a landscape in order to see better.  Black silicone masks allow you to see better, particularly in shallow water where there is a lot of light.  This is why clear silicone is not such a great issue for SCUBA divers in deeper water. Spearfishers or people who mostly snorkel and are comfortable swimmers will love a black silicone mask.   


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