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Security Bonds/Deposits

Security Deposits/Bonds.

All charters have a $1000 security deposit or bond, we reserve the right to increase the deposit from $1000 to $2000 for possible high risk charters. (Bucks, 18th & 21st Birthdays and charters that involve raft-ups or other vessels coming alongside.)

What does you bond cover?

In general the bond is for any additional requirements on the charter like extending the charter by half a hour or requiring extra ice etc.

It also is there to ensure the hirer takes responsibility for the correct behaviour of their guests.

Some example of inappropriate behaviour are listed below:

  • Physical damage to the vessel examples could be, damage to toilets, graffiti,  broken or scratched mirrors, cigarette burns, damaged cushions.
  • Excessive mess from food or drink fights.
  • Stealing of items off boat.
  • Damage to navigation lights.
  • Unauthorised use of safety equipment example launching life rafts or discharging fire extinguishers.
  • Drug or alcohol intoxication requiring the performance of CPR or first aid.
  • Drug or alcohol intoxication leading to inappropriate behaviour and having to call for assistance from Water Police or Ambulance Services. Example jumping overboard from the vessel or fights.
  • Damage to jetties car parks and facilities where passengers embark or disembark. ie. Smashing windows on cars, graffiti on buildings, urinating in letterboxes or theft.

Most bonds are refunded in full within 10-14 days. Only 3% of charters have some deductions as listed above.

The Responsible Adult

During the charter we require someone to be responsible for the guests on board and to liaise with the boat crew when decisions need to be made. The person needs to be an adult and be able to make responsible decisions.
Duties of the responsible adult:

  • Make sure alcohol is served in a responsible way.
  • Not to permit the use of illegal drugs.
  • Not to allow offensive behaviour on board or after disembarkation.
  • Tell the skipper if there is a change in plan.
  • Make any decisions that affect the passengers on board.