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River and Ocean Cruises

Perth Diving Academy launched Lionfish IV in August 1998. Although purpose built as a day trip diving vessel, the boat was designed to have a multi-purpose layout that would allow other functions such a weddings, river cruises, scientific survey and as a commercial dive support vessel.

Lionfish IV Specifications:


  • The vessel was constructed in aluminum by Image Boat Builders, Henderson WA.
  • Length 23.99m   Width 6m
  • Power supply: 240v
  • 18 Kva Generator
  • 2200 watt Inverter (24V-240v)
  • 2 x 650HP Detroit Diesel


L4 Party Time
  • Surveyed to carry 50 passengers (1C survey if you are going offshore) and 100 passengers (1D survey if you are going up the Swan River). All safety equipment as required by the above survey, renewed every 12 months. 

Lionfish IV Features:

  • Three large open deck areas

Dive Deck   L4 Boarding

Dive Deck

  • Perimeter bench seating for 40. Built-in back-rest/cylinder  stowage.
  • Large built-in central bench with dry bin storage underneath. Suitable for use as a buffet table for assembling equipment for photographic or survey work.
  • Three fresh water shower/toilet cubicles. Hot/Cold showers and push button flush toilets.
  • Swing-in side doors. Allows easy access to water for diving and deck level entry for passengers.
  • Water level stern entry platform. 6m x 2m allows easy access to water for diving, specimen collection or deploying and retrieving equipment.
  • 3m Inflatable tender. For picking up divers or just dropping people onto the beach.
  • Clear removable side curtains. To weather proof against wind and rain.

Wheelhouse Deck


    • Bench seating for 30
    • Balcony views. 1m high safety railing, a superb viewing platform.
    • .
    • Anti-slip deck. This area is usually used as a dance floor for some charters.
    • Clear removable side curtains. Weather proof against wind/rain.

Forward Deck

    • No seating but lots of standing area with the best view during the evening cruises.
    • 1m high safety rail all around the bow area.

    Large Main Cabin

    L4 Galley  


    • Reverse cycle air conditioning
    • Seating for 30
    • Galley Area:
      • 2 x convection Microwave Ovens
      • Large Domestic Fridge space
      • Twin element convection Stove top
      • Built-in TV Video Combination


    • Fully equipped with all modern shipping systems.
    • Computerized Navigation system.
    • CD Sound system Back-ground music piped through to Main Cabin all decks (excluding bow area). 
    • Seating for 6. Passengers welcome in cabin during cruising.
    • Reverse cycle air conditioned.


    Lionfish IV requires a crew of 2, consisting of Master Class 5 (Skipper) Marine Engine Driver 2 (Engineer) and we generally also have a Deckhand (Usually a Dive master or Cook).
    For evening cruises we try to field additional crew to keep the vessel clean and assist with the running of the function. Our crew will assist you as much as possible but they duties running the boat are their prime concern. The crew are not employed to assist with food or drink service.

    Charter Costs: (Opens in a new window)

    Security Deposits/Bonds. (Opens in a new window)


    Lionfish IV is not licensed to sell alcohol. This means we operate on a BYO policy.
    If you are hosting a party and you or your guests intend to sell/supply or consume alcoholic drinks in a public place (i.e. the boat on the water) you may be required to obtain a Occasional liquor licence from the department.

    The cost for the Occasional licence is approx $50 and applications can be made on-line. When in doubt check the RGL Departments website

    Applications must be made at least 14 days prior to the event 

    See: Liquor Control Act 1988 - Section 119

    Local Drink Suppliers:

    We recommend the following local suppliers as they can deliver cold just prior to the charter (saving you additional ice):

    Old Bridge Cellars, 221 Queen Victoria St, North Fremantle 
    Phone 9335 2702 

    Claremont Cellars, 32 Davies Rd, Claremont, WA, 6010
    Phone 9384 0510

    Please remember that if you are serving wine you will need to have plastic or glassware available for your guests. When you purchase your drinks check with your supplier to see if they have hire glassware available. Often the stores will not charge for glassware hire if you are purchasing your drinks from them. Breakages are always charged for.


    • 200 Lt. Ice boxes are available complete with 20 kg of ice @ $20.00 each.
    • Additional ice is available @ $10.00 per 10 kg bag (for an average charter allow 3-6 x 20 kg bags depending on whether the drink is cold or warm).
    • Empty 200 Lt. iceboxes can be arranged @$15.00 each.

    Charter Catering Opens in new window


    • Once monies are paid, cancellation and amendment fees may apply. 
    • This is determined by when the cancellation or amendment occurs. Refunds can be made if we are able to rebook the time period so the more notice the better.
    • Please make your guests aware that drinking pre/post cruise is not permitted on the jetty.  No opened bottles on jetty.  There will be a bin for your guests to dispose of their opened drinks on disembarking.
    • The vessel will terminate the cruise at any time if responsible serving and consumption of alcohol is not adhered to.  This includes under aged drinking, suspicion of abuse of illicit/non -prescription medication or offensive behavior.  Whether the offending people or the whole group be taken to the nearest jetty and charter terminated is up to the skipper.
    • With BYO alcohol please refrain from bringing along too much alcohol. If the skipper feels the amount is excessive he will discuss with you and store the excess which will be returned to you post cruise. At the same time it is embarrassing if you run out.
    • Any intended passenger who in the opinion of the crew shows any signs of intoxication either from alcohol or any other substance abuse prior to the commencement of a charter will be refused access to board the vessel. Any subsequent attempts of that person or others to argue with the crew may result in the termination of the entire charter.
    • Any person/s deemed to be intoxicated by the skipper or crew will be identified to the charter organizer. It will be the responsibility of the organizer to ensure that person does not consume any more alcohol for the duration of the charter. If this is not complied with the person/s may be removed from the vessel at the nearest jetty. The vessel will only return to the charter once the skipper is satisfied that that person/s is safe and in the care of a responsible person. Lost charter time will not be made up and the charter will conclude at the scheduled time. If the situation is serious enough the entire charter may be terminated without compensation. Costs associated with removal from the vessel i.e. taxis, public transport are the responsibility of the person/s being removed.
    • Unless terminating at a public jetty, all leftover beverages must be removed from vessel at end of charter. No opened beverages are allowed to be removed from the boat.
    • Plenty of Soft drinks and water must be made readily available for your guests. If you have service staff, we request they offer to your guests hourly.
    • The boat/agent will take no responsibility for loss or damage of personal belongings.
    • If the skipper or any member of the crew observe anti social or potentially dangerous behavior by passengers disembarking from other vessels or any other person/s at the point of disembarkation the skipper may alter the drop off point or wait until the problem has cleared. The skipper will not risk your passenger’s safety by dropping them into a dangerous situation or environment nor will they add to the problem. If other arrangements have been made by you relating to other activities or transport after the charter we accept no liability for   cost incurred by the passengers because of their delay in this situation. The skipper will act in a reasonable and responsible manner to try to ensure the safety of our passengers, crew and the general public within the vicinity, within reason.
    • On evening charters, swimming is not permitted from the boat.  For Day charters, please advise us if you or your guests are planning to swim from the vessel.


    • The Lionfish IV requires a $1000-$2000 security bond.
    • This will be required 2 weeks prior to departure with your final payment. The amount will be refunded within 2 weeks providing no damage or unscheduled overtime occurs during the charter. 
    • This may be paid with a credit card, however a 1.5% surcharge will be charged. 


    • A deposit equal to the security bond is required to hold a booking. Full payment is due 14 days prior to departure. Once monies are paid cancellation and amendment fees apply. 
    • Charter deposit of $1000 will be forfeited if charter cannot be re-filled.  Cancellation less than two weeks from charter date could mean forfeiture of entire payment.

     Please allow 2 working days for deposits to appear.

    We do accept credit cards but please note that a surcharge of 1.5% may apply.