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Deep Diving 21st March 2015

Perth Diving Academy is one of only three dive shops in Perth that can offer you both an Australian Government Nationally Recognised Training Statement of Attainment and Internationally recognised certification card. These two qualifications guarantee you will receive the safest and highest quality Deep course in Australia! PDA is also the only dive shop in Perth to offer a complete Deep experience with two Rottnest Island dives max depth 29 metres and a weekend away, accommodation and a guaranteed four 40m dives. 

Our mission is simple; Create safe, enthusiastic divers who always have an enjoyable experience at Perth Diving Academy.....      Click here to learn more!


"Black Friday Dive" Friday 13th February......(Not a Black Day for us!)

We have been training divers in Perth since 1978 before a lot of our current divers and instructor were even born.
To celebrate our 37th year of operation we have 20 FREE places available on our Day trip to Rottnest for our oldest trained divers.
Bring in your PDA issued certification card and we will record the details.
Be warned we will want to copy your card with your original photo on it so we can share the old/new divers image on the web.
The 20 oldest certifications presented will have a 'Golden Ticket' for the boat on Friday 13th February 2015.
If you only learnt recently then still register your card as you could still win a place... Dinosaurs are exstinct!