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Key Biscayne Deep Dives

Lionfish Charters

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Lionfish Charters is taking Lionfish IV up to Lancelin.

Dive the wreck of the Jack-up Oil Rig: Key Biscayne.
29th March - 1st April 2019

The Key Biscayne is situated off the coast at Lancelin which is approximately 1 and a 1/2 hours drive north of Perth.
The former oil rig lies upside down in a maximum depth of 42 m. The shallowest part of the rig is at 25 m and it is vast in size.

Rated by many as the best wreck along our coast and is definitely a world class dive.
The wreck is a maze of twisted structures and would take 5 or more dives to see it completely.

Lionfish Charters will operate out of Lancelin on the weekend of 30th and 31st March 2019 and invite experienced divers with deep diver training to come along and experience this magnificent location.

These dives are being run as day trips with allowance for 2 dives each day on the wreck. A Lionfish IV lunch is provided but there are no filling facilities in Lancelin or on the vessel so you need to bring all your own air.

The dives are suited to Nitrox or decompression divers as well as experienced Deep divers. If you wish to do both days then accommodation is $50 per night (subject to availability) You could drive up on Friday night stay the night in the dorm house and then dive Saturday,overnight again, dive Sunday then drive home. All for $600 plus you Pub dinner and breakfast.
Or just day trip for $250 and do 2 dives.

The Key Biscayne trip is booking NOW!!!! Limited space available on both Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st of March.
Cost: $250/diver per day

Must be Deep Diver certified.

One of the best wreck dives off the WA coast.

Call PDA Hillarys 9448 6343 or PDA Balcatta 93441562 to book on.

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